Start an Art Licensing Support Group

by Kate Harper

Our Art Licensing Support Group had a special event in Berkeley. Cheryl Phelps was our special guest speaker and artist Dianne Woods hosted the event at her home.

Cheryl teaches art licensing workshops all over the country and she volunteered her time to attend our meeting and give us some tips on licensing our art.


I continue to be amazed how helpful it is to have this group. I would encourage any artist in this career to really seek out other artists on the same path.

Even if you know only one person, you will be surprised at how much more you will get done by meeting with another artist once a month.

Sometimes artists in the licensing field can feel isolated in this career, since so few people do it.

If you feel the same, why not start your own group to share tips, resources and give each other feedback on designs?


-If you've taken a licensing class, or met with a consultant in the past, contact them & ask if they know other artists in your area.

-Know any agents? Perhaps they are representing an artist near you.

-Post a message on craig's list to start an art licensing support group. Most people don't know what "art licensing" means, so chances are you're not going to get inundated by hundreds of people.

-Go to a trade show, look for artist booths from your area.

-Post a message on Art of Licensing Yahoo Group and see if anyone lives in your area.

-Post a message on the Art of Licensing Linkedin Discussion Group and see who lives near you.

-Search on google for "art licensing" and the name of your city.

-Look on Meetup.com or start a meetup group.

-If you only know one other person, start by meeting one-on-one.


-Try to make the group a "free event" so artists with all budgets can attend.

-Use a timer, go around the group and give each person equal time to speak & show their art.

-Come to the meeting with your "burning question." What is the question you need answered from the group that day?

-Set individual goals for yourself for the next meeting.

-Invite volunteer guest speakers such as agents, attorneys or designers.
Prepare a list of questions.

-Start your own yahoo group so everyone can communicate with each other. Try to avoid one person being responsible for all communication.

-Choose a public place to meet, such as a cafe, so there is little prep or cleanup required.

She will also be teaching a workshop November 7th in San Francisco. (For more information: contact Chery at cheryl@cherylphelps.com 415-863-6523. Her website is http://cherylphelps.com/)

A special thanks to Brad, Dianne's husband, for taking these photos and helping us with all those little things that help make a meeting run smoothly. It was really valuable having him volunteer his time for us.

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Maria Brophy said...

This is a great idea! I think I'm going to organize a group here in San Clemente, CA.

One alternative to a yahoo group is using meetup.com - it's a great way to organize a meeting.

Thanks for the inspiration!