Bing is Better For Image Search

I've been playing around with the new search engine Bing and I find it gives more relevant and faster image results.

Here's a comparison first page result of a search for "greeting Cards."

First screenshot is of the number of images that fit on the browser window pulled up on Google. Second is the number on Bing. Google only brings up 21, Bing brings up 35.

The best part of Bing is that you can scroll down through 1,000 more images on the first page below the fold, without having to click to the next page. In Google, you only get 21 images (unless you preset to show 100 maximum). Google requires you to click forward to the next page often which is time consuming because the browser has to reload each time.



I also like the option on Bing to hover for bringing up text information. It doesn't crowd the screen with unwanted text until you want to mouse over and see it. (note below, upper left) No clicking required. I'm thinking this is javascript code(?)

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