10 ways to sell your art

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Sell Prints

Selling prints of your original art is easier today than ever before.

Advantage: You can sell prints of a popular piece at an affordable price. You can sell the original as well or choose to keep it in your own private collection. Fine art printing companies are widely available on the Internet and elsewhere. Many of them do digital capture as well as the printing itself. Depending on your budget, and quality of digital capture, you have control over the type and quality of the Giclee Prints created. You also have choice of selling limited or open edition prints.

Disadvantage: You have to invest in the digital capture and printing services and hope that you can re-coup those expenses through the various methods of selling your art.

License Your Art with a Company

Your “license” is your permission for someone else to market and sell images of your work. How the image is used is agreed upon in the contract.

Advantage: Your art continues to work for you long after you have created it, generating a passive income.

Disadvantage: These companies usually license art only for their own use. Meaning the art is used strictly for that company’s product.

License Your Art with a Commercial Licensing Agency

With this type of licensing your image is contracted out to manufacturing companies through the Agency. How the image is used is agreed upon in the contract. It could be used on anything from mugs, dishware, cloth, napkins, art prints, T-shirts stationary and any number of things in the manufacturing industry. Licensing art with an agency is the professionals’ game.

Advantage: Once you create the original artwork and sign a licensing agreement, you can return to the art of creating great Fine Art, all the while earning passive income.

Disadvantage: The licensing market is highly competitive. Agents will only license what they believe they can sell because it literally costs them thousands of dollars to land good contracts with manufactures, publishers and various agencies. They need art they ‘know’ they can sell. Some licensing agents will ask you to put up a significant sum of ‘good faith’ money to help off set their expenses. Then you both cross your fingers that it sells. If the agent doesn’t get paid, you don’t get paid. You get 30-50% of the contract price the agent makes with the purchasing company; about 4-10% of the wholesale price of the product (not retail sale price).

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Art Licensing Event!

On December 12,
the Eastbay Art Licensing Group celebrated their second anniversary with three special guests who offered support and answered questions, along with over $700 in door prizes, refreshments, and an art display.


Martin Reed, CEO, Cardstore.com

Marty Reed of Cardstore.com, represents a forward thinking card publisher that customizes designs of over 60 independent artists. In the last 10 years, the company has printed over 15 million cards. They provide personalized greeting cards to millions of customers through state-of-the-art digital printing, and direct mail fulfillment.

MJ Bogatin, Attorney

MJ Bogatin, founder of Bogatin, Corman and Gold law firm, is an attorney who specializes in Artist and entertainment representation. His practice encompasses literary, performing, visual and multi-media arts. He has served on the boards of directors of Bay Area theatres and California Lawyers for the Arts. He speaks at workshops on copyright, trademark, contract issues and Artists' Moral Rights.

Ginger McCleskey,
Greeting Card Sales Representative

Ginger McCleskey has been a manufacturer’s representative for the greeting card and gift industry in the San Francisco bay area for 25 years. She also teaches workshops and does consulting on how to start a greeting card business. She has extensive experience working with designers, artists and photographers.


Marty Reed from Cardstore.com answers questions from artists.

Ginger McCleskey gives short presentation about good card design.

MJ Bogatin, artist's attorney, talks with licensing group member.


Artist Dianne Woods hosted the party at her home in Berkeley. Dianne is a licensed artist, greeting card designer, and photographer. She is currently working with AKG-Images, the Arts and History Picture Library, on a photo restoration project, consisting of vintage imagery from 1930-40's. Her cards can be found nationwide in Trader Joe's.

Brad Smith photographed all the pictures for this article, along with individual portraits of each member. He is an enthusiastic volunteer for our group and is active in numerous community projects.


Here are donated gifts with donor's website link, and photos of the winners.


$325 Art Licensing Course and $170 bonus materials:
Trend Report: Color trends, “Licensing Art 101” Book, Art & Design Licensing Seminar 2003 DVD, Artist guidelines for greetings card industry presentation samples

The Licensing Course by Michael Woodward is a how-to program for artists, illustrators and photographers entering licensing. This is a comprehensive guide in ring binder format with 264 pages of information and examples and know-how. The Course is divided into six individual and easy to follow lessons that take you through the various stages from the legal framework and contracts, what to produce- to sending out presentations and visiting trade shows.

(photo: door prize winner)


Art Licensing Info - the place for artists to learn how to earn an income licensign their art

"Art Licensing Mindset" Gift Certificate by Tara Reed, art licensed artist and consultant. Tara offers ebooks, ask calls, teleseminars, coaching, resources, newsletter and has a blog.

With Art Licensing Mindset, each week you will get ideas and information, as well as suggested "to do"s to help you start using the concept discussed. At the end of the 24 weeks, hopefully your comfort zone has expanded and you are more comfortable and confident with everything from creating art to talking contracts, dealing with deadlines and lots more in between. PDF transcripts are available for each skill so you can go back and refer to them time and again.

(photo: door prize winner)


$75.00 class
“Legal Ease" on Copyrights, Trademarks & Contract Language donated by J'net Smith, art licensing and branding Coach.

All Art Licensing is designed to facilitate both personal and business growth in all areas of art licensing.

See All Art Licensing for a list of services, classes, resources and speaking.

(photo: door prize winner)


$25 Gift Certificate from Manager John Writer from Dick Blick Art Supplies in Berkeley. (photo: door prize winner)


Tree ornament donation by Dog Spirit Design, artist Lesli Zephyr
(photo: door prize winner)


Book Donation by Mark Batty Publishers
(photo: door prize winner)


CD of Cradle Songs illustrated by Artist Catherine Rose who is also a vocalist
(photo: door prize winner)


Donation by Artist Jeannine Luke (photo: door prize winner)


Canvas Art of rose donation by Artist Nan Smith
(photo: door prize winner)


Artist Kim Brandt (photo: door prize winner)


Pet Pop Art drawing Gift Certificate donation by Artist Ellie Fidler.
(photo: door prize winner)


Book by Italian Publisher and surface designer Vincenzo Sguera
(photo: door prize winner)



European Style chocolate bars donation, label design by Artist Jeannine Luke.
(photo: door prize winner)


Photo frame and stickers designed by artist Laurel Lane and sold at Artico.
(photo: door prize winner)


Mystery Prizes & Winners


WOW! I walked away with the best surprises of all: a wonderful hand signed card from the group, a $50 gift certificate to my favorite restaurant, Cafe M. I was also the lucky recipient of Jeannine Luke's chocolates and Lesli's Dog spirit Design handmade garden stake. I went home with a mile wide smile.

Presenting this (on the right) is artist Joan Beiriger, editor of a blog on Art Licensing. She will be exhibiting at the Atlanta show January 8-10.

Garden Stake, handmade by Dog Spirit Design, Artist Lesli Zephyr.