Google Reverse Image Search

Check out this informative article by Joan Beiriger on how to find out where your images are being posted online.

Here's an excerpt...

Google now has a method called "Reverse Image Search" to search the internet for images. GRIS, an acronym that I am using in this article for "Google Reverse Image Search," was released on June 14 and has received accolades from scads of people who post images on the internet. GRIS is not perfect because it does not find all images but according to persons that have compared GRIS with another image search engine, TinEye.com, GRIS is far superior.

She covers these essential reasons to use Image Search:

• Search for Illegal use of art.
• Search for internet sites selling your art.
• Search for Internet sites that is promoting you and your art.
• Use GRIS for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) link building.

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