Evaluation of Surtex: Seminars

I asked people on Linkedin about their evaluation of Surtex, Here is a sampling of what they said about the seminars:

- Extensive programming was offered - much more and apparently more appealing/better promoted than in years past. Several prominent manufacturers conducted workshops, attended sessions or both. This cut into time these manufacturers (potential licensees) had to walk the show. The sessions gave non-exhibiting artists a precious opportunity to connect with licensees that should have been on the show floor.

- I had never considered art licensing until I attended the workshop. I was intrigued.

-I would suggest to the management of Surtex to have a flat fee to cover a certain number of seminars. Personally, I found that having to pay extra for each seminar was a deterrent to attending.

- I believe the concurrent seminars were partially responsible for lighter traffic. Positioned at the front of the hall, I could actually see (and hear) an influx of visitors as seminars let out.

- The reality is that while show management has an interest in helping artists learn about licensing, since they can then sell more booths, helping new artists break into the licensing business is directly contrary to the best interests of the exhibitors (excluding those few who have learned to profit from it).

- From my observation the seminars are for profit and some seem to be created for visitors not just exhibitors. A suggestion is artists are still allowed in for seminars and in order to avoid any conflicts with those who have paid for the booths maybe the show management can also offer guided walking tours. This way they can continue to sell and grow the show but they keep things under control during the show.

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