What does a handmade card business look like?

Here are some photos I dug up from the old days when I ran my own handmade card business.

These photos show why I always say:
"If you want to succeed in the handmade card business, it's all about packing boxes!"

Daily date with the UPS woman.
These Barnes and Noble orders required special UPS stickers and paperwork, so she's helping me. At this time I had around 400 Barnes and Noble accounts.

Cards, cards, everywhere.
These are already made and ready to pack into orders. This photos shows about 125 card styles, with about 230 cards in each box. That's a retail value of about $100,000 worth of stock. Amazing it can fit in such a little space.

Print Delivery
Ed Kirwan, the top printer in Berkeley, hand delivers about 10 boxes of cards (a rare thrill).

UPS goes on strike
We had to truck everything down to the post office where they will only accept 20 boxes per window visit. That's a great week to have friends who like standing in post office lines.

On those hectic days, it's good to have "Spot" helping out in the office.

Do you have photos of your card business? Send them! And your business may featured as a blog post.

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