New Plaque

It's Friday again!

On Friday I like to I like to post something I recently designed. Here's plaque just released by Signals Catalog. The quote is "Faith Makes Things Possible, Not easy."

Sign up on my business facebook page to see other releases.

I encourage all artists to get a business facebook page (different than personal profile page). The business page allow anyone to get updates (not just friends you approve).

Not only can you have your own business page, but you can also keep up daily events at local businesses you support. How else would I know that Local123 Cafe is having mimosas this Sunday? Or that the Berkeley Cupcake truck is going to be in my neighborhood at 3:00?

2 comments : said...

You have a cupcake truck that comes to your neighborhood? That is amazing. :)

Great post.

collene said...

Luuuuved seeing one of your cards in our local Trader Joes! Felt like pointing out a "friend's" work and giving it three cheers!

As always ... great posts/ information and insights!

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