9 Most Popular Articles for Greeting Card Designers

It's Time to Celebrate YOU!

Yesterday 1,164 people read this blog, either by visiting or subscription, and that doesn't even include an additional 673 Twitter followers. On average, every article has over 1,000 readers. Here's a big thanks to YOU!

What are YOU reading?

Most Popular Posts on this Blog

-Artist & Writer Submission Guidelines for Card Companies
-20 Steps to Getting Started in Art Licensing
-Social Media and the Stationery Industry

Additional Popular Posts This Year

-How to Make a Good Art Licensing Website
-How I Sell My Designs Online: Jude Maceren
-How to Get Started in the Handmade Card Business

Additional Popular Posts This Month

-Licensing Artist goes "high tech" at Surtex
-Image File Naming Do's and Don'ts
-Book on How to Get Your Cards into Stores

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