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Freelance Review Offers their suggestion on 10 new design books. I've picked a few to include here that sounded interesting. Comments and reviews are by Freelance Review. Read entire article...

Gregor Stawinski has compiled over 400 classic 19th- and 20th-century fonts, presenting them in the style of old type specimen books. Arranged chronologically into eight sections that cover stylistic eras like Art Deco, Bauhaus, Sixties, Disco and Punk, every example is displayed with famous applications that these fonts received, from movie posters to product packaging.


This amazing new book is packed with examples of the ingenious ways architects, designers, artists, and craftspeople have put cardboard to the test and successfully harnessed its amazing qualities of strength and sound absorption. Projects featured include the conversion of a Paris industrial space into a youthful and dynamic office; a collection of do-it-yourself cardboard furniture for kids; and, a flat packed recyclable Christmas tree that comes with an assortment of cardboard decorations.
Cardboard Book

A second edition of the successful “Sign Graphics”, this book features sections on Graphic Identity, which explores visual representations of companies and their corporate image; Interior Artworks, which examines beautifully designed signs, murals, and posters in interior spaces; and, finally Environmental Signs, which presents eye-catching signage applied to outdoor landscapes, creating a powerful visual presence. Complete with an extensive array of beautiful, colour images, “Walk This Way” is a detailed look at cutting-edge sign and wayfinding designs from top creators and sites around the world.
Walk This Way: Sign Graphics Now

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