6 Tips in Writing Query Letters to Manufacturers

Here's a useful article by Joan Beiriger's blog about presenting your art to manufacturer's and card publishers. Here's an excerpt:

The purpose in writing query (also called Cover) letters is to market your art and also to build relationships with manufacturers. Including the right information in query letters starts those relationships and makes sure that the letter is read. Note: The following discussion also applies to writing query letters to art licensing agencies.

The six tips in writing a good query letter are:
1. Research each manufacturer
2. Personalize the letter
3. Describe your past licensing success (if any)
4. Tell the manufacturer the next step
5. Attach/include art example(s)
6. Have an attention getting subject line (if e-mail)

To write a winning query letter you should first do your homework. Become familiar with the manufacturer and the products they produces (or the type of art the agency represents) by looking at their website. This will help you determine if the manufacturer is the right fit for your art. It will also let them know that you are targeting their company and aren't just sending out e-mail/"snail mail" blasts to hundreds of companies when you mention specific information pertaining to them. Studies show that you get better results by writing individualized query letters than generic letters. Article continued...

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