Dealing with a Creative Block

Outlaw Design Blog has an article on 10 Ways to Beat the Hell Out of Creative Block

Here's an excerpt:

We have all experienced it, those times we feel completely void of all creativity. Those times when you don’t think you could even muster up the creativity to draw a stick man. While these times may feel a bit overwhelming and impossible to escape, there are a few things you can do to help git rid of that creative block. So grab your phone because as soon as you do a few of these suggestions your muse is gonna be calling.

1. Change of Scenery

This is probably one of the most staple ways for me to personally break a creative block. I find that doing something as simple as walking the dog or going to gym for 30 minutes can really help clear my mind. It is often during these times that I have my creative epiphany almost minutes after taking part in this method.

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Lily said...

Now tell me how to create time.

Leslie sent me. I'll be back.

collene kennedy said...

I've learned when it comes to time... you have to catch it where you can! I always say I balance building my business with playing in the sandbox with my active, ACTIVE five year old!

As a licensed artist, for me, it's about fitting a full time job into pockets of time much more often than sitting at my drawing table! That translates into jotting a note here, a doodle there and 15 minutes now n' again to actually have my brain free enough to concentrate on what's on my deadline plate! It can be done!

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