Book Review: All About Color

I ran across Janice Lindsay's Book All About Colour when looking for resources on how to learn about color. Color is often taken for granted as something that comes natural or we just choose "what we like", but I find that sometimes if one of my card designs look weak, that just by changing one color, the whole card looks like a new design.

Until I found her book, I never actually thought of color as an academic subject. She carries us through the entire history of color, from the beginning, and her first section is called "Before Colour was Colour" and examines different basic colors, giving them special and equal attention.

A Canadian color designer, Janice runs a consulting company called "PINK". In her book she answers such questions as: Can changing a color change our experience of our space? Why is white the hardest color? What makes a color beautiful? Why do certain colors make us feel happy? and How are color trends born?

It's really great to be able to have a reference book on how color affects our lives, something we rarely think about, but after reading her data on color research, now I know it's true not just for me, or for artists, but for everyone.

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